Jenns Paper Obsession

Friday, April 9, 2010


Boy it's been a long few months, but hopefully I am back to stay! I am sorry to all 9 of my followers. haha!

My mom had a heart attack, and I am now planning a wedding, a scrapbook retreat, and a trip to Texas. Whew! Talk about being busy. Matt is coming home in June, so I am also planning stuff for our 2+ weeks where he will be home. I am so excited to see him again. Sadly, I haven't made any projects recently that have been "blog worthy" but I do have a pretty nice picture of Matt!!

Isn't he adorable!! Even with him holding 3 different guns! lol! I will hopefully have some pages and maybe even my first video! I have done a lot to my scrap area, so maybe I'll do a video of my scrap area :)


KellyCali said...

Well, Nati makes 9 and I make 10!

Sounds like you have a jammed-packed summer, to say the least!

Sorry to hear about your mom...I hope she is since well!

Get Well Wishes & Hugs to both her & gratitude to your special man in uniform!


abbynormaloh75 said...

sorry to hear about your mom. health issues have plagued my family as well. hugs and prayers and enjoy ur summer.

Alison said...

Its good to see you getting back into the swing of things, this year is just flying by & June is gonna be here before you know!