Jenns Paper Obsession

Sunday, June 27, 2010

So, this is love.

I don't have a new project to share today... I've been really busy this weekend! My dad spent the night, and we cleaned my carpets, and I have been cleaning the whole apartment so Matt will have a nice clean apartment to come home to! I am so excited about everything!

I did this layout sometime in May, but I really like it! Not for sure why, but I do! I used basic grey's line- green at heart. Thanks for looking :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Good Work

I almost forgot about you guys!! I can't EVEN begin to tell everyone how busy I've been! It's good busy though :) I have an easy card today, that I put together. I hope you guys (all 32 of you!) like it!

My future mother in law recently passed a test. I can't remember what it was, but it's a really big important test. Something for her nursing. Anyways. She had been studying for it for a super long time, she took it, and she passed! I'll have to ask her again what it was. ANYWAYS. I was going to make her a card using everyday paper dolls (the nurse) but I wanted to use my animal stamps before I had to wrap them and hide them from myself before Matt comes home! lol. so, I made her this beaver card (because they are hard working... get it?!? hahaha!)

I used recollections cardstock from Michaels, black ribbon from walmart, the pattered paper is from creative memories from a long time ago and lastly, I used black stickles on the title. The title is kind of fun. there is 2 layers.... the black cardstock, then the cream cardstock bubble on top of it. I generously applied the black stickles to fill in the letters, so it looks like it's all 1 piece of paper! I loooove it! I also ran the white paper through the cuttlebug with the swiss dots embossing folder

Isn't he cute? The beaver is from create a critter, the hat is from every day paper dolls, and I stamped his face using critter face stamps (medium) from peachy keen stamps. A little tip if you are going to get the face stamps from peachy keen. The medium critter stamps say they are good for critters bigger then 2 inches. I found that you really can't use them on anything bigger then 2 inches. I originally wanted to do my critter at 3, but it was too big. I will have to try out the other animals to see if this is true for all of them. To use this stamp I had to use my gypsy and use the "hide contour" button, and I hide the face. I colored in the white parts with a white color pencil, and then that's it!

I hope you guys liked today's card. I hope my mother in law likes it too! I am going to be pretty busy over the next week, so I will try to throw some quick stuff together to post for everyone! I can't believe Matt will be home soon! yikes! Our 6 months was up on Tuesday, so we are in deployment over time now! Anyways, I'll see everyone tomorrow!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coupon Holder

Hey guess what! I actually did a project using NO diecuts what so ever! I know. I was just as shocked as you are! lol. So, Matt and I are trying to be more frugal, and I needed a way to hold and organize coupons. I couldn't find any coupons holders I like, so I made my own!

I am sorry for the bad picture. I thought it came out better then it did. I didn't put a lot on it, since it would be in my purse, and I knew the embellishments would come off of it while in my purse anyways. Also, I didn't want to put a title on it, just in case someday I wanted to use it for something else.
So, here is what all of my inside pages are. I cut the black paper at 4x12 inches. I cut the pink paper at 4x6 inches. I folded the black paper, and stuck the pink paper inbetween, then used my ATG 714 to keep it shut. I love this, because I have 2 slots. I use the front slot for my coupons, and then I use the back slot for the coupons I plan to use on my next grocery trip.  I made a total of 12 of these. Then using my Zutter Bind It All I punched the holes in the folders.

So, to do the cover, I laid out a 5.25x6.75 of white paper, and glued it to my piece of cardboard which measures 4.75x6.25. I cut (using xacto knife) a diagonal line coming straight out from each of the corners, and then folded them over and glued them down. I repeated that with the pink patterened paper. You will have to cut off the pieces that are sticking out. I then repeated the process to do the back cover.
 Then I decorated the front, and I wrapped all of the ribbon and the paper around to the back.
Then I cut a piece of black cardstock at 4.5x6 inches and put it on the back to cover all of the sewing and the ribbon. I repeated this step with the back cover. Then I used my BIA to cut the holes and to bind it together. It was a very easy project. Very easy to put together. Be sure to check back tomorrow! Hopefully I will be getting a ton of sleep tonight, so I will be throwing together an awesome project!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh my goodness!

So, if you have been to lately, this is what you see now! I am so excited about this! I don't know anyone who I would want to nominate or anything, but I would love to know what the next big thing is! If it's another machine, I think I will pass out. Whatever it is, I hope it comes in pink. haha! Yikes,  I really can't wait until CHA (which I am sure is when they will debut whatever this is) More hints please!!


What a "purrfect" day! We found out what time Matt's plane will be landing so I have an idea of what is going on, well until they change it again! haha. Oh geesh. He called me this morning around 3 am and woke me up, so that was day 4 of going on little to no sleep! Hopefully I will be getting a good night sleep tonight!

So I have a father's day card to share today. It's a card I made for Matt from Kitty.

I will admit, I am not good at making masculine cards. For some reason, I have to add pink to everything. I really believe that this image from the cricut create a critter cartridge was designed specifically for Kitty. She is so spoiled, it's not even funny.

Anyways. So, the grey,pink and red cardstock is recollections cardstock from Michaels. The black cardstock is textured cardstock from Walmart. The ribbon is from Walmart, and I used the fiskars threading water punch along the bottom. I normally don't splurge on my cards. I use a lot of generic cheap items, because I know that the person I send them to, will just end up throwing them away anyways. I would rather spend my money on my scrapbook pages that I know will be treasured forever.

Here is the kitty. Of course, I had to add googly eyes. I put googly eyes on all of my little animals. I love it! I put flock (from stampendous) on the nose, and I put stickles (I think fruit punch) on the bow. I stamped the pillow using worn lipstick distress ink and a polka dot stamp (from stampabilities). Then I put icicle stickles on the dots. I finished it off with a little bit of barn door distress ink and there ya go!

I put some pop dots on Kitty and the pillow before attaching it to the card. "purrfect" is from create a critter, and the letter stickers are from making memories. I love those stickers, they are my favorite letters! Be sure to check back tomorrow, I have another project to share!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You're Sweet

So, I have a card to show everyone today. It looks pretty similar to a card that Joy did here. I went through a rough patch with a lack of inspiration, and her card jump started me back up again! I think it turned out pretty cute!

I used the cricut cartridge Sweet Treats. The patterned paper is mostly generic paper that I've been trying to get rid of for a while. The cardstock and ribbon is generic cardstock from michael's. The button is from basic grey, and the you're sweet stickers are from making memories. I inked all of the edges with Tim Holtz distress ink, and I put stickles on the candy springles. Easy peasy card!
I love these new pop dots I have been using. They are recollection 3d foam from Michaels, and I love the different sizes. I don't have to cut them anymore to put them behind a smaller image! Thanks for looking!! Be sure to check back tomorrow for another card!

Monday, June 21, 2010

How to make camo using the cricut paper dolls

Hey guys!! So, I am finally ready to start really using my blog. I think I have found a way to make this easier and less time consuming for me. So, here is my video for today. I did a video showing how to make camo using the military guy from everyday paper dolls, the cricut, and distress inks by Tim Holtz.

Thanks for watching my video! I will have pictures posted later today. In the mean time, I am going to sleep!

I haven't gotten much sleep lately. My cat has been keeping me up, and also the stress of preparing for Matt to come home. I am SO excited. We found out more information today, on what will be happening between now and when he comes home, so I am feeling better, and less stressed out. I just can't wait! I will be back later with a project using the paper doll I did. Bye for now :)

Friday, June 18, 2010


I finally got my background to work! I just started completely over with editing everything. If anyone is looking for a cute blog kit, go to:

Sweet Shoppe Designs

There kits are so cute, and Zoe is so nice. She has been helping me fix my blog. I just hope she makes a 4th of july/military kit!! So, I hope everyone is ready. I have some really great things planned for next week. Also, did everyone see the new cricut cartridges that are coming out? Go check out circut's website. Now, I NEED the 3 birds on parade cartridge!

I think the new cartridge that lets you cut out pumpkin faces to use as templates on pumpkins is ADORABLE! I need the birds cartridge! It's like paper doll dress up, but with birds! How adorable! I hope everyone is ready for next week! I can't wait.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

How excited am I??

Well, let me tell you! Super excited!! Cricut is coming out with "lite" cartridges, which seem like solution cartridges. Remember all of the images from Hello Thursday last month? The kitty images, the men images etc... Well, they are the lite cartridges that are coming out!!

There is some pictures and more information! I can't wait to hear more about these!
Hello everyone. I haven't been here for almost a week! So much for my goal of posting every day! I've been super busy, with spending time with my family, and preparing for Matt to come home :) I got a cricut cartridge today :) I picked up the summer independence day cartridge. I love it. I'll be posting projects with that cartridge here soon. I am waiting for 4 cartridges, and a Air Force hoodie to come in, and I think I checked my mail box 4-5 times! Sadly, nothing came today. I guess I will just have to wait until Monday :(

Anyways, here is the cartridge I got today. I am prepping another tutorial right now, and I'll post it some time tomorrow. Have a great night everyone!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

First Tutorial/project

I figured I would start out with something easy and basic. I am totally obsessed with making my own flowers, but sometimes the paper is too heavy and distracting on the page. So I have been using tissue paper. Here is my tutorial for today :)

Ok, so lollipop flowers aren't anything new, but just in case you don't know how to do them, this is how they are done!! First you need to cut your circles out of tissue paper (or paper, tin foil, wrapping paper, whatever!). I did 5 layers of tissue paper, and they are all different sizes. Don't worry about making your circles "circles". The more imperfect the circle, the better. I cut 2 of each size of the yellow circles, because the yellow is more transparent.
Layer and glue them on top of eachother. If you are using something thin, like tissue paper, make sure you have something under your flower so the glue doesn't get on your work surface.
Once the glue dries, add your button/brad or whatever you want to put in the center! I used patterned tissue paper on the top two. I love it! I think Brighton has the prettiest tissue paper!
Once the center dries, then fold the tissue paper up around the button and hold it there for a few seconds so it wont be as flat.
Here's a layout I put my flower on. I inked up the edges to make it blend into the page a little more. I think this would be really cute to use for a birthday page, or Christmas page, if you used wrapping paper. It's a great way to use memorabilia!

I hope everyone has a great day! I will be back tomorrow with another tutorial or project!

Getting ready for my tutorials!

I have every intention of starting my tutorials/projects today, but I have THE worst migraine ever. So it will have to wait until later today when this migraine is gone. I did want to say that is having a 50% off all of there carts today :) Matt picked up 4 carts for me today.

The new cindy loo, give a hoot, just because cards, and once upon a princess. I am super excited! :) I will be back later after this migraine goes away.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Cricut Circle

YAY!! More hints as to what Cricut Circle is. I honestly think it's a special club where you have to pay, and you get to purchase special cartridges etc. I love the French Manor cartridge preview. Very pretty. It says it's coming in June! I hope early June, but knowing Cricut, it will be mid-end June. urg! I can't wait to find out how much it is. I wonder if it's a one time fee, or if it's a monthly fee. I hope it's not too pricey. I would only pay for the club if I got stuff. Like free cartridges, or free images or whatever. I REALLY hope that Cricut gets involved in image downloads. Like pazzles, silhouette etc has. That would be nice.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Blog Make Over

So, I bought a kit from I really like my blog now :) I just can't figure out how to do the background :( I will have to email them or something. It was really easy (but time consuming) to put together. I can't wait to start really using my blog!! I am SO excited. My goal is to start posting tutorials on June 1st :) So excited :)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Yep! New gypsy update is AWESOME!!

I've played with the new update for about 30 minutes to an hour. I LOVE the new options!! :) I took some pictures for the people who are at work and can't do there updates. :)

This is the new main screen. My gypsy starts up SO much faster now. I love it. The new middle icon is the picture option.

New picture function. You can upload pictures and save them to your Gypsy. These are the ones that were pre loaded onto your Gypsy. I think this would be wonderful for people to put there pictures on here that they want to scrap. Then they can just flip through them and use them for inspiration for a LO while they are waiting for kids to get out of football practice, or whatever. I also like that I can upload cards I want to scraplift so I can make the cuts for them while I am just sitting around. It's a really neat function. I really like it.

The colors on the pictures are awesome!! My camera doesn't do it justice. I love that you can blow up the picture all the way. It's nice.

Here is the new mat area. It seems to me like the mat is smaller, which I was hoping didn't happen, but all of the new functions make up for it! I love the ruler on the top, the different layering options. Also using the resizing slide on the bottom rightish works a lot faster too. It's easier to go from really small to a full size image. All of the buttons seem to be bigger to, and the screen is more responsive then it was before. I used to have to push a button 5 times before it would register. It registers it on the first push. It's SUPER nice. Oh yea, this picture is the "advanced" option. the new button is the hide contour button (which is great)

This is the "basic" option. nothing here really changed. The buttons seem to be bigger, and they are more responsive. I LOOOOOVE it!!

Here is the hide contour option. You can select parts of the inside of the image (like I did in red) and you can hide it. So if you wanted a more bold image, then you could get rid of some of the cuts. I love the new possibilities with this.

Here I am playing with the new layer button. They said you can name your layers, but I haven't figured it out. It's a lot more easier to see which layers you have, and it's easier to pick the layer you want to use. I love it that I can still see the different layers in grey. I loved matching different images (size wise) on different layers. That was one of my favorite options.

Do you see the little eyeball there (on layer1) This turns off the "grey" image on each layer. I LOVE this!! you can match up the different sizes (like.. a card on one layer, then an envelope on another layer) then turn off the back layer and mess with the new layer. It was so frustrating sometimes to have so many lines and images mixing together. It's wonderful.

I turned off the eyeball here. See how the butterfly went bye bye?? Now I can add stuff to layer 2 w/o being distracted by the butterfly on layer 1.

My last wonderful function!! I am sure there is more, but this is what I have found so far. I always used to get so frustrated because I could never remember which purple button was which. Now they have labels to say "shadow" "layer" etc. It's so much easier to use! Also searching for images is faster now too. :)

THANK YOU PROVOCRAFT!! It's like christmas :)

New gypsy update=AWESOME!!

I am doing my gypsy update right now. And from what I've heard, it's going to be awesome!!! I am really excited!! I got the following information from

The new Gypsy upgrade includes specifically:

New Features:
• The much-anticipated Photo App is now available for Gypsy by Cricut users.
• The ability to hide-contours enabling users even greater ability to customize and create new designs, hide any part of an existing shape for greater customization Hidden contours will save when the design is saved.
• Rulers for the mat screen so users can more readily see the actual size of the shapes they cut.

• Feature keys now show descriptive text and icons to help users make better use of their cartridges without the use of the printed manual.
• Gypsy can now be restored at home if required.
• Gypsy now displays “Busy Syncing…” while connected to GypsySync through your computer to inform users that it is not available for use while it is in Syncing mode.
• Cartridges can now be added to Gypsy faster and more reliably than before.

New Cricut Cartridges Viewable with the Update:
• Wall D├ęcor and More
• Freshly Picked
• Cindy Loo
• Mini Monsters
• Disney/Pixar – Toy Story

• Tabs have been added to the layers making it easier to navigate a design with multiple layers.
• The ability to hide layers making it easier to design.
• The ability to name your layers and improve organization.
• The ability to reorder layers making it easier to design
• Gypsy now “powers on” in less than half the time it did before.

Bug Fixes:
• Minor cosmetic improvements and bug fixes.

I am so so excited about this update. It's going to fix a lot of issues that I've been having with my baby G. I can already tell you that my G powers up a lot faster :) That is all I know so far. hehe. I have nothing planned today except for making a ton of wedding phone calls and exploring the new stuff on my G. So I will update tomorrow with that I think :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Tutorial Question?

Hello everyone! I am just taking a break from my week long scrapfest. I've been working on cards for Matt, and decorations for our Holidaypalooza. While Matt was gone, he missed a lot of Holidays, so we are celebrating all of them in the first week he comes home! haha. I've been doing tutorials for everything I've been making, but sadly, I can't post them until he comes home. So while I am waiting for him to come home, I am working on stuff to fill up my blog until he comes home. So, my question is...

What kind of tutorials would you all like to see?? Or what kind of stuff would you like me to show on a video or on a written tutorial. (no, I wont dance, or sing or do anything goofy haha!)

Also,  I forgot to mention that provocraft came out with a toy story cartridge. I must have it! adorable.... :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

New cricut carts today :)


Today Cricut announced 4 new cartridges. Freshly picked, Mini Monsters, Wall Decor and more, and Cindy Loo.

Cricut shopping

I have to admit, I am kind of upset, because the "hello thursday" advertising was wrong. I don't see a single image that was on the "hello thursday" advertising that is on any of the cartridges announced today. No Cat cartridge, no "man" cartridge, no food with the little faces. I feel like a child on christmas that I didn't get what I wanted!! Don't get me wrong, the new cartridges are super cute (expecially the mini monsters one) but I had my hopes up for the cat, man, and food carts. The Hello Thursday advertising is still up though, so maybe those carts will be coming out next month... who knows. All I know, is that the 4 new carts are up at! :)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Cricut...Thingy??

If anyone has been to lately, there is this weird black symbol in the upper right(ish). Then when you click on it, it says Cricut Circle... surround yourself. I wonder what all of that could be about!!

I think it's a new community type thing. Like a forum of some sort, but I haven't heard anything about it. That is my opinion, that is what I think it is. Someone has said it's going to be cricut's version of the slice, someone else said it's a personal trimmer (why would cricut be so excited about a trimmer though?). I personally think it's like some type of club or something, since they put the icon up there on the menu bar. Someone said there will be down loadable designs... here is what one lady said (on the cricut forum)

"Actually, DukeFan, you might be closer to right than you think. When we had dinner with Jim Colby at CHA, we were asking him about digital download files for the Cricut. His response was "Yeah, and wouldn't it be nice if we had a device to download the designs to? Oh wait, we already do, it's called the Gypsy". So maybe they are moving towards the digital download thing now. That's probably a pretty good guess!!"

I think it would be awesome if we could download just 1 image at a time, for like a dollar or whatever. I like some cartridges for only 1 image. There is talk about it being a membership club, where you pay a little extra each month and you get exclusive carts, coupons etc. Sadly, I am thinking that they are going to wait until CHA summer 2010 to let us know what it is.... them teases!!

ETA: Wait, it's not going to be a smaller machine... yay!! because I for sure don't need another machine! haha

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Getting ready for new blog debut :)

I just wanted to let you guys know that I am planning a blog debut, and I am looking for a new blog background. So, I am playing around with stuff, so I may mess up my background/font etc. Please just ignore it and come back later after I get it fixed! I have already tried out some stuff, but it obviously didn't work!! (black background, black font... not good!) haha. So please just ignore it!

Friday, May 14, 2010

MPS Challenge

Hey guys!! I have 30 followers now! woohoo! :)

I just wanted to let you know that there is a challenge over at The challenge is to use brown, green and yellow on a card or LO. She usually has really awesome giveaways. Usually cricut cartridges :)  I am going to make a card later today for the challenge.

This weekend is going to be very very busy! Every year we have "wichita riverfest" and I am going to that tomorrow. I've never been there, but I am really excited to see what the fuss is about!

I hope everyone heads over to my pink stamper and does her challenge! Have fun :)

Thursday, May 13, 2010


YES! The day has finally come for new basic grey paper! I am REALLY excited about these 2 new lines coming out! Oliver and Olivia. They would be PERFECT for baby girl and baby boy pages. I am sure they would work with anything though, but that is the first thing I thought of when I saw it!

Kelly Goree's Gallery There is a link to Kelly Goree's gallery. She is a very talented scrapbooker who works for basic grey (I believe) she has done a LO for both the oliver and the olivia line. I love them!

Basic Grey Shopping And here is where you can see all of the papers that will be coming out for those lines.

YUMMY!! and we should be finding out next Thursday what the cricut cartridges will be! I am soooo happy! :) YAY!

I have been working on tutorials for my blog. I have 3 done so far, but I want to be a few weeks ahead. I don't know when Matt will be coming home, and I hope to be able to post a new tutorial every day (or close to it) and I don't want to be caught off guard when he comes home. We have about a month left until our 6 months is up, but of course, we never know when he will be coming home until he starts packing. so I have to be prepared! :) I can't wait to show all of my new stuff! :)

Monday, May 10, 2010

I'm back! For good!

I started slacking again on the blog. I have big plans for my blog starting here soon. I don't want to spill the beans on any plans yet, since I am still in the beginning stages of planning. It is going to be great though! I really hope my blog just takes off here soon! I will be posting more videos, sketches, layouts, challenges etc. I am not messing around with anymore after this month, so I will have much time and energy for my blog! I can't wait!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Goodbye!! (for now)

I am just stopping by to say goodbye to everyone for the weekend! I am going to wonderful Texas for the weekend to visit my future in-laws. I've been SO busy all day today. I've been running all over the place trying to get everything done! My mom and I are leaving at 7:30ish in the morning to drive down there. We are stopping by the Oklahoma City bombing site, and making some other small stops. Then on Saturday it's a day full of wedding stuff in San Antonio. I am so excited about that! then on Sunday we have to wake up early and rush back to Houston to meet Matt's daddy in Galveston for a fun day at the beach :) Then Monday I am trying on dresses, and then we are coming back on Tuesday! I got my new video camera last night (2 days early! woohoo) so I will put together a short video of my vacation. As I promised, I HAD about 30 minutes of gypsy videos, but I deleted the first half of the 30 minutes off my camera :( so I have to re film them. so I will have a gypsy video up probably next thursday :) I will have a vacation video done on Wednesday though. I think that is the only updates I have for right now....

Nope.... I have 1 last thing. Robyn is having another give away on her blog!! :) she gives away cricut carts all the time! check her out! Have a great week :)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I'm here! I promise.

Yep, it's been a fun week. My Matty bought me a gypsy and the create a critter cartridge (ADORABLE!) so I've been busy with that. I've filmed about 30 minutes of gypsy videos, so I just have to go through them and do some editing. I just can't pull myself from this thing! I play with it all the time. I love this thing! I have also jumped on the sketch/page map wagon. I think I'm addicted to that as well! I did 5 or so just tonight. Not for sure if I'm going to share them yet, but I might! It's going to be a very busy week for me. I leave Friday morning for my trip to one of my favorite places ever! Texas! I just wish Matt could be there! I also wish it was a vacation! I have back to back wedding appointments to take care of. I do get to go to the beach on Sunday though. So, all of this week I am updating my wedding binder, getting packets together for my vendors etc. I have a 10+ hour drive to Texas, and editing my gypsy videos is what I am planning on doing (for part of it! haha).

Do you all remember when you were younger, and you got something for Christmas, and you LOVED it. You would stare at it, and sleep with it, and carry it around everywhere. Well, that is my relationship with my gypsy the past few days! I slept with it the first night (only because I fell asleep playing with it!) I can't say enough good things about my baby! (still trying to come up with an interesting name for it) I have done some projects I wanna post too, but I have to edit the pictures, so I hope to get those done this week too. My "to do" list for this week is about 10 miles long.

Lastly, I found the most wonderful stamp site this morning. I was sent there from everyday with the circut. They used this adorable stamp set HERE. I am just loving the possibilities for the animal kingdom cartridge and the create a critter cartridge. It's wonderful! Also, another wonderful site is PEACHY KEEN STAMPS. They have faces that you can put on the dolls from the paper doll cartridges. I also didn't know they had animal faces (more AK and CAC cart possibilities) stamps.

Ok, this is lastly. My last post said that cricut was coming out with new carts, and no one seems to know when provocraft will be posting the actual carts. Well, I've heard a rumor that we will get to see them the 3rd thursday in May!! I am so excited to see what else they have coming out!

Monday, April 19, 2010

New cricut stuff?!?

So, I just went to cricut's website, and they have previews for new cricut cartridges to be coming out. It looks like a cat cartridge maybe? And some rocker chick, some really cute food with smilies on them, some holiday stuff, some farm stuff, and some tools. They look really cute :) They also have there new cricut companions for the cuttlebug, which I can't wait to get my hands on! They look like embossing folders that coordinate with some of there cartridges. They have sets for once upon a princess, robotz, heritage, sentimentals, create a critter, and preserves. I am waiting for my tax money to come back, then I am thinking about getting the create a critter cartridge with my left over tax money.

I don't want to break any copy right laws, so I wont post any pictures of the new stuff coming out, but I will post some links! (yea, i'm weird.. huh?)

SHH! Sneak peak for the new carts HERE!
Cricut Companions HERE!

Yikes, I am excited. I really like the cat one that might be coming out. I have been waiting for a cat cartridge for a while now! That will give me more excuses to take pictures of my kitty!
Cute, huh? I also can't wait to see what the food with the smilies is all about. I honestly believe, if you take ANYTHING and put a cute little smile on it, it automatically makes it adorable. I am so happy with where Provocraft has been taking the cartridges lately. I didn't really care for the ones in the begining when I fell in love with the cricut last year, but for the last few months, I have been wanting every cartridge they come out with! That isn't so good on our bank account! haha. 

Changing the subject off of scrapbooking. We have decided to invest in a better video camera, so I will be getting a new video camera when my tax money comes in, so that means I can do more videos! woohoo! 

Ok, last change of subject. I am going to repost this. Everyone should come check out our wedding blog! I just love it! Thanks :)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello :)

I am just here for an update! I FINALLY got a hold of Lackland AFB and got some wedding plans moving. woohoo! I should know by May 1 what day I am going to be tying the knot. How exciting! I probably wont be having any new layouts to post any time soon. I have to make an estimated 50 thank you cards for the wedding. "Thank you for coming" "thank you for the gifts" and of course "thank you for everything" for the people involved in this planning! I hope 50 cards will cover me! They will need to be blue and silver to match our wedding colors. I don't like using those colors! So, this will be fun.

I just wanted to let you guys know about a great cause that Jennifer is supporting. I think she's been doing this for a while, but to those who don't know about it, go check it out. Her link is over ---> there somewhere on the top. lol. Jennifer Mcguire Ink. Then on the right side of her blog it's cards for kids. She has 10 kids that are dealing with cancers and other illnesses and she collects cards and then sends the cards to them. It's a great cause. Plus she gives out prize drawings every month, but that isn't why we are sending out cards! So, go over there and send your cards to her!

And of course, I also have to mention this great site as well.... CARDS FOR SOLDIERS. I am sure most of you know that Matt is deployed right now. Someone sent his base a box of cards and Matt sent one to me. It made my day. I read it every night before bed. I still cry whenever I read that card that he sent me. So I can't even tell you the impact that a simple card has when it comes from someone over there. Anyways. This site sends homemade cards (that are not filled out) to send to the soldiers in the middle east and the soldiers fill them out, and send them home to there loved ones. So go over there and check it out, make some cards and send them off . For the next round, they need to be sent to her by May 9th, and she is taking father's day and 4th of july cards. I am pretty sure that she always take birthday cards, miss you, and thank you cards. This is for sure something that hits home with me. I can't even tell you how awesome it is to get a letter in the mail! Thanks guys :)


ETA: Woohoo, figured out how to edit a blog post :) hehe. I didn't feel like making a new blog post for one little part. I have a wedding website now. So come check it out :)COME CHECK OUT OUR WEDDING WEBSITE!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sad Day

Well, I thought I could just edit my last post to put these pictures up, but I guess not. So I'll just post my new pictures here.

All of the other drawers are just full of random junk and some are empty, so I didn't show those :) I hope that this has inspired you and helped with any jetmax questions or any organization help you were needing!