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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hello :)

I am just here for an update! I FINALLY got a hold of Lackland AFB and got some wedding plans moving. woohoo! I should know by May 1 what day I am going to be tying the knot. How exciting! I probably wont be having any new layouts to post any time soon. I have to make an estimated 50 thank you cards for the wedding. "Thank you for coming" "thank you for the gifts" and of course "thank you for everything" for the people involved in this planning! I hope 50 cards will cover me! They will need to be blue and silver to match our wedding colors. I don't like using those colors! So, this will be fun.

I just wanted to let you guys know about a great cause that Jennifer is supporting. I think she's been doing this for a while, but to those who don't know about it, go check it out. Her link is over ---> there somewhere on the top. lol. Jennifer Mcguire Ink. Then on the right side of her blog it's cards for kids. She has 10 kids that are dealing with cancers and other illnesses and she collects cards and then sends the cards to them. It's a great cause. Plus she gives out prize drawings every month, but that isn't why we are sending out cards! So, go over there and send your cards to her!

And of course, I also have to mention this great site as well.... CARDS FOR SOLDIERS. I am sure most of you know that Matt is deployed right now. Someone sent his base a box of cards and Matt sent one to me. It made my day. I read it every night before bed. I still cry whenever I read that card that he sent me. So I can't even tell you the impact that a simple card has when it comes from someone over there. Anyways. This site sends homemade cards (that are not filled out) to send to the soldiers in the middle east and the soldiers fill them out, and send them home to there loved ones. So go over there and check it out, make some cards and send them off . For the next round, they need to be sent to her by May 9th, and she is taking father's day and 4th of july cards. I am pretty sure that she always take birthday cards, miss you, and thank you cards. This is for sure something that hits home with me. I can't even tell you how awesome it is to get a letter in the mail! Thanks guys :)


ETA: Woohoo, figured out how to edit a blog post :) hehe. I didn't feel like making a new blog post for one little part. I have a wedding website now. So come check it out :)COME CHECK OUT OUR WEDDING WEBSITE!


Nancy aka Homesclscrapper said...

good luck with your cards.

Alison Richardson said...

You're gonna be busy busy, can't wait to see what you come up with its a great colour combo. I have ben making cards to send to its a great organisation with lots of challenges & sketches to inspire you along the way.

KellyCali said...

Woo-Hoo & Congrats! What a great day that will be indeed!

As Nancy & Alison said above, Good Luck on all the cards & can't wait to see a sample, if & when you have one!

Thanks for all the card-making links! I'll have to jot them down! ;)

Amanda Sevall said...

That's a lot of cards -- I hope it's enough! And congrats your engagement and wedding planning. So exciting! Heading over to check out your wedding site too :)