Jenns Paper Obsession

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Another LO

Well, I got on the youtube train today. :) I only have 3 videos of my cat, but I was messing around with a video editing program and didn't wanna mess up a good video! Anyways, you guys should check out my videos. Hopefully I will be getting a video of my scrap space up this week.

my new youtube videos

That link should take you to my "channel" lol.  I have a new LO to post as well!

This is another lift from Kelly Goree (who can be found in the blog post below this post). I just love her LO's using the new Basic Grey Green At Heart. Anyways. I think that is all I have for today!


KellyCali said...

Love the tree! As well as the flower! An especially very pretty line indeed! Way To Go & Good Job Jenn on blogging today! :)

Mrs. Tristan said...

I love that LAYOUT!!!!! That is such a pretty layout! Great job jenn!! WOO HOOO!

Cindy Gay said...

Like the flower "o" in grow!