Jenns Paper Obsession

Sunday, June 27, 2010

So, this is love.

I don't have a new project to share today... I've been really busy this weekend! My dad spent the night, and we cleaned my carpets, and I have been cleaning the whole apartment so Matt will have a nice clean apartment to come home to! I am so excited about everything!

I did this layout sometime in May, but I really like it! Not for sure why, but I do! I used basic grey's line- green at heart. Thanks for looking :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Good Work

I almost forgot about you guys!! I can't EVEN begin to tell everyone how busy I've been! It's good busy though :) I have an easy card today, that I put together. I hope you guys (all 32 of you!) like it!

My future mother in law recently passed a test. I can't remember what it was, but it's a really big important test. Something for her nursing. Anyways. She had been studying for it for a super long time, she took it, and she passed! I'll have to ask her again what it was. ANYWAYS. I was going to make her a card using everyday paper dolls (the nurse) but I wanted to use my animal stamps before I had to wrap them and hide them from myself before Matt comes home! lol. so, I made her this beaver card (because they are hard working... get it?!? hahaha!)

I used recollections cardstock from Michaels, black ribbon from walmart, the pattered paper is from creative memories from a long time ago and lastly, I used black stickles on the title. The title is kind of fun. there is 2 layers.... the black cardstock, then the cream cardstock bubble on top of it. I generously applied the black stickles to fill in the letters, so it looks like it's all 1 piece of paper! I loooove it! I also ran the white paper through the cuttlebug with the swiss dots embossing folder

Isn't he cute? The beaver is from create a critter, the hat is from every day paper dolls, and I stamped his face using critter face stamps (medium) from peachy keen stamps. A little tip if you are going to get the face stamps from peachy keen. The medium critter stamps say they are good for critters bigger then 2 inches. I found that you really can't use them on anything bigger then 2 inches. I originally wanted to do my critter at 3, but it was too big. I will have to try out the other animals to see if this is true for all of them. To use this stamp I had to use my gypsy and use the "hide contour" button, and I hide the face. I colored in the white parts with a white color pencil, and then that's it!

I hope you guys liked today's card. I hope my mother in law likes it too! I am going to be pretty busy over the next week, so I will try to throw some quick stuff together to post for everyone! I can't believe Matt will be home soon! yikes! Our 6 months was up on Tuesday, so we are in deployment over time now! Anyways, I'll see everyone tomorrow!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coupon Holder

Hey guess what! I actually did a project using NO diecuts what so ever! I know. I was just as shocked as you are! lol. So, Matt and I are trying to be more frugal, and I needed a way to hold and organize coupons. I couldn't find any coupons holders I like, so I made my own!

I am sorry for the bad picture. I thought it came out better then it did. I didn't put a lot on it, since it would be in my purse, and I knew the embellishments would come off of it while in my purse anyways. Also, I didn't want to put a title on it, just in case someday I wanted to use it for something else.
So, here is what all of my inside pages are. I cut the black paper at 4x12 inches. I cut the pink paper at 4x6 inches. I folded the black paper, and stuck the pink paper inbetween, then used my ATG 714 to keep it shut. I love this, because I have 2 slots. I use the front slot for my coupons, and then I use the back slot for the coupons I plan to use on my next grocery trip.  I made a total of 12 of these. Then using my Zutter Bind It All I punched the holes in the folders.

So, to do the cover, I laid out a 5.25x6.75 of white paper, and glued it to my piece of cardboard which measures 4.75x6.25. I cut (using xacto knife) a diagonal line coming straight out from each of the corners, and then folded them over and glued them down. I repeated that with the pink patterened paper. You will have to cut off the pieces that are sticking out. I then repeated the process to do the back cover.
 Then I decorated the front, and I wrapped all of the ribbon and the paper around to the back.
Then I cut a piece of black cardstock at 4.5x6 inches and put it on the back to cover all of the sewing and the ribbon. I repeated this step with the back cover. Then I used my BIA to cut the holes and to bind it together. It was a very easy project. Very easy to put together. Be sure to check back tomorrow! Hopefully I will be getting a ton of sleep tonight, so I will be throwing together an awesome project!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh my goodness!

So, if you have been to lately, this is what you see now! I am so excited about this! I don't know anyone who I would want to nominate or anything, but I would love to know what the next big thing is! If it's another machine, I think I will pass out. Whatever it is, I hope it comes in pink. haha! Yikes,  I really can't wait until CHA (which I am sure is when they will debut whatever this is) More hints please!!


What a "purrfect" day! We found out what time Matt's plane will be landing so I have an idea of what is going on, well until they change it again! haha. Oh geesh. He called me this morning around 3 am and woke me up, so that was day 4 of going on little to no sleep! Hopefully I will be getting a good night sleep tonight!

So I have a father's day card to share today. It's a card I made for Matt from Kitty.

I will admit, I am not good at making masculine cards. For some reason, I have to add pink to everything. I really believe that this image from the cricut create a critter cartridge was designed specifically for Kitty. She is so spoiled, it's not even funny.

Anyways. So, the grey,pink and red cardstock is recollections cardstock from Michaels. The black cardstock is textured cardstock from Walmart. The ribbon is from Walmart, and I used the fiskars threading water punch along the bottom. I normally don't splurge on my cards. I use a lot of generic cheap items, because I know that the person I send them to, will just end up throwing them away anyways. I would rather spend my money on my scrapbook pages that I know will be treasured forever.

Here is the kitty. Of course, I had to add googly eyes. I put googly eyes on all of my little animals. I love it! I put flock (from stampendous) on the nose, and I put stickles (I think fruit punch) on the bow. I stamped the pillow using worn lipstick distress ink and a polka dot stamp (from stampabilities). Then I put icicle stickles on the dots. I finished it off with a little bit of barn door distress ink and there ya go!

I put some pop dots on Kitty and the pillow before attaching it to the card. "purrfect" is from create a critter, and the letter stickers are from making memories. I love those stickers, they are my favorite letters! Be sure to check back tomorrow, I have another project to share!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

You're Sweet

So, I have a card to show everyone today. It looks pretty similar to a card that Joy did here. I went through a rough patch with a lack of inspiration, and her card jump started me back up again! I think it turned out pretty cute!

I used the cricut cartridge Sweet Treats. The patterned paper is mostly generic paper that I've been trying to get rid of for a while. The cardstock and ribbon is generic cardstock from michael's. The button is from basic grey, and the you're sweet stickers are from making memories. I inked all of the edges with Tim Holtz distress ink, and I put stickles on the candy springles. Easy peasy card!
I love these new pop dots I have been using. They are recollection 3d foam from Michaels, and I love the different sizes. I don't have to cut them anymore to put them behind a smaller image! Thanks for looking!! Be sure to check back tomorrow for another card!

Monday, June 21, 2010

How to make camo using the cricut paper dolls

Hey guys!! So, I am finally ready to start really using my blog. I think I have found a way to make this easier and less time consuming for me. So, here is my video for today. I did a video showing how to make camo using the military guy from everyday paper dolls, the cricut, and distress inks by Tim Holtz.

Thanks for watching my video! I will have pictures posted later today. In the mean time, I am going to sleep!

I haven't gotten much sleep lately. My cat has been keeping me up, and also the stress of preparing for Matt to come home. I am SO excited. We found out more information today, on what will be happening between now and when he comes home, so I am feeling better, and less stressed out. I just can't wait! I will be back later with a project using the paper doll I did. Bye for now :)