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Friday, May 28, 2010

New gypsy update=AWESOME!!

I am doing my gypsy update right now. And from what I've heard, it's going to be awesome!!! I am really excited!! I got the following information from

The new Gypsy upgrade includes specifically:

New Features:
• The much-anticipated Photo App is now available for Gypsy by Cricut users.
• The ability to hide-contours enabling users even greater ability to customize and create new designs, hide any part of an existing shape for greater customization Hidden contours will save when the design is saved.
• Rulers for the mat screen so users can more readily see the actual size of the shapes they cut.

• Feature keys now show descriptive text and icons to help users make better use of their cartridges without the use of the printed manual.
• Gypsy can now be restored at home if required.
• Gypsy now displays “Busy Syncing…” while connected to GypsySync through your computer to inform users that it is not available for use while it is in Syncing mode.
• Cartridges can now be added to Gypsy faster and more reliably than before.

New Cricut Cartridges Viewable with the Update:
• Wall D├ęcor and More
• Freshly Picked
• Cindy Loo
• Mini Monsters
• Disney/Pixar – Toy Story

• Tabs have been added to the layers making it easier to navigate a design with multiple layers.
• The ability to hide layers making it easier to design.
• The ability to name your layers and improve organization.
• The ability to reorder layers making it easier to design
• Gypsy now “powers on” in less than half the time it did before.

Bug Fixes:
• Minor cosmetic improvements and bug fixes.

I am so so excited about this update. It's going to fix a lot of issues that I've been having with my baby G. I can already tell you that my G powers up a lot faster :) That is all I know so far. hehe. I have nothing planned today except for making a ton of wedding phone calls and exploring the new stuff on my G. So I will update tomorrow with that I think :)