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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coupon Holder

Hey guess what! I actually did a project using NO diecuts what so ever! I know. I was just as shocked as you are! lol. So, Matt and I are trying to be more frugal, and I needed a way to hold and organize coupons. I couldn't find any coupons holders I like, so I made my own!

I am sorry for the bad picture. I thought it came out better then it did. I didn't put a lot on it, since it would be in my purse, and I knew the embellishments would come off of it while in my purse anyways. Also, I didn't want to put a title on it, just in case someday I wanted to use it for something else.
So, here is what all of my inside pages are. I cut the black paper at 4x12 inches. I cut the pink paper at 4x6 inches. I folded the black paper, and stuck the pink paper inbetween, then used my ATG 714 to keep it shut. I love this, because I have 2 slots. I use the front slot for my coupons, and then I use the back slot for the coupons I plan to use on my next grocery trip.  I made a total of 12 of these. Then using my Zutter Bind It All I punched the holes in the folders.

So, to do the cover, I laid out a 5.25x6.75 of white paper, and glued it to my piece of cardboard which measures 4.75x6.25. I cut (using xacto knife) a diagonal line coming straight out from each of the corners, and then folded them over and glued them down. I repeated that with the pink patterened paper. You will have to cut off the pieces that are sticking out. I then repeated the process to do the back cover.
 Then I decorated the front, and I wrapped all of the ribbon and the paper around to the back.
Then I cut a piece of black cardstock at 4.5x6 inches and put it on the back to cover all of the sewing and the ribbon. I repeated this step with the back cover. Then I used my BIA to cut the holes and to bind it together. It was a very easy project. Very easy to put together. Be sure to check back tomorrow! Hopefully I will be getting a ton of sleep tonight, so I will be throwing together an awesome project!


Nati Tristan said...

Great idea sis!

JadeCook said...

awesome. I love it!